Control the use of electric stainless steel ball valve environment how to solve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-04
Control the use of electric stainless steel ball valve environment how to solve? The so-called environment; Has broad sense and narrow sense two kinds, general environment refers to the electric stainless steel ball valve installed in the environment and its internal distribution around the medium; Special environment refers to the conditions around its installation place. Most of environmental control, production process and do not any change. Only will not have damage to the product, process, etc, can adopt the method of control environment, such as boiler water deoxidation, refinery process adding alkali to adjust pH value, etc. From this point of view, the adding corrosion inhibitor and electrochemical protection also belong to control corrosion environment. Atmosphere filled with dust, vapor, smoke, and in a production environment, the chimney, equipment of harmful gases and fine powder, will have different degrees of corrosion on electric stainless steel ball valve. Personnel should be in accordance with regulations of the operating rules of operation, regular cleaning, purge valve, regularly go, this is to control the corrosion of the environment. Stem to cover installation, valve set well, valve surface spray paint, etc. , this is to prevent the corrosion of material erosion way of the valve. Environmental temperature and air pollution, the main equipment and valve to the closed environment, will accelerate the corrosion, should try to adopt open workshop or use ventilation, cooling, slow down the corrosion environment. http://dazkfy。 com/products。 asp
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