Correct installation and pressure relief valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
1 how to correctly install request. Pressure reducing valve door should design and install the filter, in order to protect the relief valve, prolong service life. Before installation and pressure relief valve must be clear to flush piping system, in order to prevent the welding slag, scale and other dirt into the valve door, affect the normal work of the valve gate. 2. Pressure reducing valve door should set cut-off valve, generally installed in front of the filter, to cut off the water when is convenient for maintenance. In order to ensure the normal maintenance of the product and uninterrupted water supply, should adopt parallel installations, the valve door should be set after the cut-off valve. 3. 40 mesh filter should be used when using liquid, gas should be used when the 80 - mesh. 4. After reducing valve door as setting pressure gauge, pressure gauge and relief valve inlet or outlet should be kept above 5 dn. 5. When used for gas, because of the volume expansion and pressure relief valve behind, so please use the expansion pipe, outlet pipe. 6. Using a liquid, as far as possible using the straight pipe, the length of the straight pipe to the valve gate diameter of 10 ~ 20 times ( Minimum 500 mm) 7. Pressure relief valve outlet ends should be set up soft joints and discharge tube, ease of installation and maintenance. 8. Pressure relief valve in the pipeline failure is mainly caused by foreign body, so in front of the fluid through the relief valve should be fully cleaning pipe ( About 30 minutes) 。 9. Relief valve can be installed in vertical or horizontal, as shown in the installation direction of the relief valve should be paid attention to in and out of the water, not upside down.
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