Correct installation of the electromagnetic valve and solenoid valve related matters needing attention

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-14
Correct installation of the electromagnetic valve and solenoid valve related note 1, read product manual carefully before installation, check whether products conform to the requirements of the use, remember the key points of installation and ready for work. 2, pay attention to the cleanliness of medium, if within the medium mixed with dirt and impurities, such as not impair the normal work of the electromagnetic valve, pipe valves should be installed in the filter mesh & ge; 60 mesh. 3 should not be installed in the pipeline dips, electromagnetic valve, installed in the discharge pipe of container, pay attention to not from the bottom of the container to elicit, and should be installed at the bottom of the container is a bit position. 4, if the water hammer will be the media, then you should choose waterproof hammer function of electromagnetic valve or take appropriate preventive measures. 5, steam with electromagnetic valve inlet side should be equipped with a drain valve, it take over should tilt. 6, proofreading nameplate by standard parameters and the parameters of the selected products are consistent, the power supply voltage should be meet the rated voltage range: + 10% ~ - Dc + 10% ~ 15%, - 10%, coil components should not be open at ordinary times. 7, the electromagnetic valve with 0 before take over. 3 mpa pressure pipe flushing, the metal powder in the pipeline and the sealing material residues, scale and rust removal, etc. 8, the electromagnetic valve is generally directed, not backward, typically on the valve body with & other → ” Points out that the medium flow direction, to in accordance with the installation & other; → ” Indicate the direction of the installation but the company may sometimes in the vacuum tube road or special circumstances have proposed an exception. 9, to confirm, electromagnetic valve itself and it if there is a leak and take over the joint. 10, the coil lead wire connection to check it, especially the three lead. 11, the connection to the electromagnetic valve of electrical components, such as relays, switches and contactor. Contact should not be vibration, open the valve, otherwise it will not work reliably, and affect the electromagnetic valve life. The electric circuits of the 12, to access the corresponding insurance line, as the electric circuits of the protection. 13, the electromagnetic valve installation place is due to certain reserved space, so that the daily maintenance and regular maintenance. 14, when installed using a wrench or pliers fixed valve body, turn over again, never will force in the electromagnetic coil components caused by the deformation, the electromagnetic valve is difficult to work properly. 15, in pipeline insufficient rigidity, or under the condition of water hammer, the valve before and after taking over with bracket, please. 16, when used in frozen places must be pipe protected with insulating material or set the heater in the line. 17, installation position: general electromagnetic solenoid valve parts should be vertical, the vertical installed in a horizontal pipe at the ground, if the space restrictions or conditions required by the side, like the building sewer pipe or inverted installation, please put forward in the selection of orders. Some products have special rules, please follow the instructions to install. Taken over 18, note that the sealing material do not use too much. Such as threaded connection, to take over the thread should be kept within the effective length, and in the end half pitch with file chamfering, since end 2 tooth starting winding sealing strip, or excessive seal belt or binder will go into the inner cavity of the electromagnetic valve, and interfere with the normal movement of accident.
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