Corrugated pipe safety valve applicable areas

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
Corrugated pipe safety valve with normal safety valve working principle is basically, it is between the valve seat and valve body increases the bellows. Back pressure instability for exist or poisonous, corrosive medium equipment or piping, as the overpressure protection device. Bellows can eliminate back pressure fluctuations affect the performance of safety valve, also can protect the springs and other internal parts from medium corrosion, and can effectively prevent the leakage of medium. Corrugated pipe safety valve has the following features: ( 1) Valve seat and valve body to be separate, convenient maintenance and economy. ( 2) Umbrella disc holder can effectively increase the lift, the valve flap can quickly open in smaller pressure, discharge medium, so as to achieve the purpose of the protection equipment. ( 3) Adjust the circle is able to adjust the pressure difference for opening and closing of satisfaction. ( 4) The disc holder and the guide sleeve and the valve rod and adjust screw materials reasonable selection and selecting the appropriate clearance, ensure the valve disc movement. ( 5) Valve disc, valve seat sealing surface butt weld hard alloy and the surface after lapping guarantee high tightness and service life. ( 6) Corrugated pipe of the safety valve bellows can eliminate back pressure fluctuations affect the performance of the valve gate, also can protect the springs and the rest of the internal parts from corrosion of the medium. ( 7) Spring and corrugated pipe material selection and processing and according to the strict test and inspection. Corrugated pipe safety valves are suitable for working temperature & le; 300 ℃ medium such as air, steam, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) of equipment and piping, as the overpressure protection device. When equipment and pressure exceeds allowable values in the pipeline, valve door open, and then the whole amount of emissions; When pressure is reduced to the specified value, the valve door shut down automatically, guarantee the safe operation of the equipment. Is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, such as the bellows safety valve used in reciprocating compressor, not apply for compressor before and after the process fluid pressure fluctuation is too big, and corrugated pipe is more sensitive to this kind of fatigue stress, so the service life of the safety valve will be greatly reduced.
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