Create brand 'HOPE' to enter the 'big petrochemical'

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
Company leaders held on January 7, 2008, business meeting - work projects - - - - - - Create brand 'HOPE' to enter the 'big petrochemical'. Centre around: develop the company brand advantage, further encouraging sales staff let go of the hands and feet, around big petrochemical projects provide matching valve, for the company to fully into 'sinopec, petrochina, cnooc,' a us-funded enterprises, further and stronger 'HOPE' brand valves. After * in recent years of development, HOPE the company's production environment and equipment condition has been in a superior position in the domestic valve industry in recent years for the domestic large-scale coal chemical and petrochemical enterprise provides a large amount of high quality valve products. But, with the development of large domestic oil and petrochemical projects, the demand for high quality valves is more and more big, the company will have to adjust strategy, seize the favorable conditions, pushing into big petrochemical, inject new vitality for company development. * * : the company actively intensify of talent introduction, new hire 2 - within the last two years Four domestic valves, valve for the company to develop new products, to fully enter the 'big petrochemical' lay the foundation. Second: strengthening agent for the sale, for the company to fully, leaning to the powerful agents, including: barriers to access, technical services, customer reception, working capital, product quality, product prices, comprehensive services to fully tap into 'big petrochemical'. Third: expand the propaganda, promote the production and marketing effective combination, to achieve a win-win situation: anyone who is interested in acting domestic 'sinopec, petrochina, cnooc' member units and ten million tons of oil refining, 800000 tons of ethylene project valve business, can contact company sales line 021 - a straight line 51877109, the company will be based on the concept of sincere cooperation, and agents to establish good relations of cooperation. Company warmly welcome from all walks of life have the strength dealer to contact us in time, to jointly develop big petrochemical valve market. Meeting requirements, the company each department should be about to enter the 'big petrochemical' strategy, carry out all work pioneering, create brand 'HOPE' for the company to contribute. Shanghai thick pu valve co. , LTD. Marketing Department of pump valve reconstruction of southwest oil and gas fields apply new technology be successful plastic industrial prospect
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