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CY1B Series 1/8
CY1B Series 1/8" CY1B20H-100 Magnetically Coupled Rodless Air Cylinder
Minimum Order Quantity
1 piece
Packaging Details
Plastic bags,Boxes, Cartons, Pallets,or according to customer's requirement
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within 1-10 working days after payment
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T/T , Western Union,Paypal
Detailed Description

It's a CY1B series magnetically coupled rodless cylinder. It uses the permanent magnet in the hollow piston rod to drive another magnet outside the piston rod to realize the reciprocating motion of the load connected to the external magnet. It has a larger stroke than an ordinary cylinder. A full range of accessory items are available including cylinder tube, piston, piston rod, sealing parts and mounting nut.


Body: Aluminum alloy

Head cover: Aluminum alloy

Cylinder tube: Stainless steel

Piston: Aluminum alloy

Piston seal: NBR

Piston nut: Carbon steel

It can directly install the load, and has great retention force.
The utility model has the advantages of light weight, simple structure and small space occupation.
The range of optional stroke is large, and the maximum stroke is larger than that of ordinary cylinder.
The piston has no mechanical connection between the sliders and has excellent sealing performance.
The action of the piston is transmitted to the external slider through the magnetic coupling force. There is no need for the piston rod, and the installation space is less than that of the ordinary cylinder.
The two ends of the cylinder are equipped with adjustable cushioning and fixed cushioning devices, so that the reversing action is smooth and without impact, and the mechanical damage is avoided at the same time.

Mounting Precautions

Take care to avoid nicks or other damage on the outside surface of the cylinder tube.

Take care regarding rotation of the external slider.

Be sure that both head covers are secured to a mounting surface before operating the cylinder.

Do not apply a lateral load to the external slide.

Use caution regarding the allowable load weight when operating in the vertical direction.


Port size: 1/8"

Maximum available stroke: 6000 mm

Fluid: Air

Proof pressure: 1.05MPa

Operating pressure range: 0.18~0.7 MPa

Piston speed: 50 to 400mm/s

Cushion: Rubber bumpers at both ends

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