Daily maintenance of electric valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
1 should be save dry ventilated room, electric valve, pathways, both ends must be blocked. 2, long-term storage of electric valve should be checked regularly, remove dirt, and rust-proof oil coating on the surface of the processing. 3, after installation, should check regularly, main inspection items: ( 1) Sealing surface wear. ( 2) The stem and stem nut abrasion of trapezoidal thread. ( 3) Packing is outdated failure, if any, should be replaced in a timely manner. ( 4) After repair of electric valve assembly, should carry on the sealing performance test. The running of electric valve, all kinds of valves shall be complete and in good condition. Flange screw and bolt on the stent are indispensable, thread should be intact and are not allowed to have loose phenomenon. Loose fastening nut on the wheel, such as found should be tight in time, in order to avoid wear joint or missing the handwheel and nameplate. Wheel if you are lost, do not allow the use of a wrench, should be complete in a timely manner. Packing gland are not allowed to skew or no preloaded gap. For vulnerable to snow and rain, dust, sand and dirt from the environment of electric valve, the valve stem to install shield. Electric valve rod should maintain complete, accurate and clear. Electric valve seal, blocks, such as pneumatic accessories shall be complete in good condition. Heat preservation jacket should have no sag, crack. Don't allow tapping, standing on the running of electric valves or bearing weight; Especially non-metal electric valves and electric valve, cast iron is prohibited.
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