Different electromagnetic valve in different position of the control system play a role

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
Different electromagnetic valve in the control system of the solenoid valve is manufacturer used different positions work time since there have been new development, and successfully developed as the water solenoid valve, solenoid valve, steam refrigeration solenoid valve solenoid valve, solenoid valve, gas at low temperature, etc. , most of them are being applied in electromagnetic control of industrial equipment used in the industrial control system to adjust the direction of the medium, flow, velocity and other parameters. Here share with you the solenoid valve details. We use electromagnetic effect to control electromagnetic valve, the main control mode is controlled by relay. In this way, the electromagnetic valve can cooperate with different circuit to achieve the desired control, control precision and flexibility to be able to guarantee. Solenoid valve, electromagnetic valve, there are many kinds of different work in different position of the control system, the most commonly used is a one-way valve, safety valve, direction control valves, speed regulator, etc. Solenoid valve has closed cavity, open a hole in different position, every hole leads to different tubing, cavity valve is among, both sides are two electromagnets, which face the magnet coil electricity body will be attracted to which side, by controlling the movement of the valve body is blocking or different oil discharge hole leakage, and oil hole is always open, hydraulic fluid will enter the different line of tubing. And then through the oil pressure to push the cylinder piston, piston drives the piston rod, piston rod drive mechanism. This flow of electricity by controlling the electromagnet fault controls the mechanical movement. Solenoid valve for the enterprise, can be said to be the best cost-effective products, not only widely used, product price is not high also. Because want to consider its function and quality as well as the installation and maintenance, and other accessories need, more important is, of course, a solenoid valve in the whole control system in the whole control system and the production line of cost is very low, if covet petty gain is wrong and cause damage to the group of selected is huge. Our heavy east brand solenoid valve products high technology, good quality, electromagnetic valve technology comparable to international standards. Welcome to call the hotline administrative office in a factory machine
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