different types of hydraulic fittings: metal thread and o-ring fittings

by:AIRWOLF     2019-12-11
In almost all hydraulic systems, accessories are connected to the length of pipes and hoses running between different parts of the system.
These fittings should be installed in such a way that they can be easily disassembled if the pipes are damaged or need to be replaced or repaired.
Hydraulic accessories are divided into two categories-all-
Metal Accessories and O-ring fittings. All-
The metal accessories are quite inferior, and O-
Ring fittings are standard accessory types in modern hydraulic systems.
Another new feature introduced in some hydraulic machines is customized
Device components are simplified and pipes are allowed to connect directly to the device.
However, the only drawback of the integrated pipe fittings is that if the thread is damaged in some way, the repair can be very expensive and expensive.
Metal wire fittings these fittings use the mesh thread of two pieces of pipe to seal the joint of the pressurized hydraulic fluid.
This hydraulic joint is acceptable under perfect conditions.
These metal fittings are the least reliable for pressurized hydraulic systems, as they are vulnerable to vibration and temperature shocks.
In addition, these types of joints are not ideal for critical use.
However, sometimes the paint is added to the metalon-
In order to provide additional advantages to the small seals, the metal hydraulic joint. O-
Ring hydraulic accessories these accessories are metal accessories that rely on a combination of threaded metal and compressed rubber O-
Ring, specially used for close sealing of trades around the joint.
The physical barriers provided by these rings help prevent leakage that may occur in the manufactured actual threaded system, resulting in a more reliable seal on the accessory connection.
These rings have a single but adjustable variety, in which there is an adjustable locking nut that helps adjust the pressure and extend its life.
In addition to these two types, there are stainless steel pipe fittings, which are widely used in fluid systems, especially in the health industry.
Some well-known companies that make stainless steel pipe fittings generally test their products extensively to check the pressure of the hydraulic capacity and to ensure that the fittings do not leak under pressure.
The tensile strength of stainless steel makes these accessories safe, reliable and durable.
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