, differential pressure balance valve installation instructions

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
Differential pressure balance valve installation instructions, control, differential pressure regulating methods: 1 counterclockwise to adjust pressure regulating valve rod, observe the pressure differential; 2, differential pressure balance valve medium flow direction should be consistent with the valve body direction arrow; 3, in the guide tube on the water supply pipe should be installed in front of the screen pack, avoid the bad water quality caused by the valve loses its ability to automatically adjust; 4, differential pressure balance valve water supply pipe and the return pipe before the valve should be installed pressure gauge, respectively, facilitate adjustment control pressure difference; 5, such as found that the differential pressure balance valve system flow is too big or too small, the possible reasons is piping components installed with sundry jam in the valve plug, can be 1/2 & Prime; Ball valve door closed 3 & ndash; 5 minutes, then if it is a lighter plug, can be automatically eliminated, if can't eliminate, to open the valve door check to eliminate blockage; 6, differential pressure balance valves should be installed on the return pipe, valve guide pressure tube, guide the other end of the pipe connected to the water supply pipe, it is recommended to guide pipe water supply side install 1/2 & Prime; Ball valve door, in order to start eliminating congestion function.
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