Discuss how to develop domestic valve company

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Many domestic valves, development is uneven, the malignant competition is more, the domestic valves how can development? 1, sets up the establishment of a brand is unlikely to be overnight success. The establishment of the brand needs to withstand the test of time, is also the customer's choice. Brand the valve core is the quality of the products, so as to set up their own valve brand in the market. 2, not easy to compete on price, the domestic price war against the valve market and even the whole domestic circumstances love to compete on price. Faced with artificial cost increase, the rising cost of raw materials, the development of the enterprise also needs a certain profit, the price reasonable rise is an inevitable trend. So refused to participate in the valve industry low price bidding, make sure the brand and quality. 3, after-sales service to improve the quality of after-sales service, guarantee within 48 hours after the receipt of service demand on the scene, solve problems for customers, reduce customer loss, reflect the commitment of after-sales service. 4, what industry cannot leave the talents, so talent is the core of development, of course the valve industry. That how to retain talent? Of course to ensure that employees income is higher than the industry average, for the outstanding performance of the employee incentive bonuses. Every year to evaluate employees, reasonably adjust the salary. 5, insist, to stick to do this is important, not swayed by the market, the vicious competition refused to the end. Also need to assess the price to the customer demand, if the customer's budget is less than evaluation price, will dare to throw out the single right now, after all, the most important thing in trading is the valve quality.
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