Distributed energy capacity depend on smart grid

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Distributed energy is dispersed renewable and clean energy. One of the bottleneck of the distributed energy development is the power grid. On March 1, solar, natural gas, wind energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy, ocean energy, resource comprehensive utilization of power generation and so on all types of distributed generation way will all be included in the scope of state grid interconnection. This is the last October, the state grid access after the opening of photovoltaic power generation, a huge expansion of the distributed energy, will strongly promote the development of distributed energy. It is important to note that the latest release of 'about the opinions of the distributed power grid service work, pointed out that for distributed photovoltaic power generation, wind power projects don't spare capacity fee charging system and other distributed power project implementation of the relevant national policy. Previously, the national power grid has been released in October last year on the distributed grid-connected photovoltaic (pv) service work opinion '. To this, the state grid corporation, said liu zhenya state grid vigorously support the development of new energy, already open the green channel of the distributed energy development, and provide a series of grid services free of charge. Him say free online services include free energy metering device and power measurement using watt-hour meter, at the same time provide favorable grid conditions, strengthening the construction of form a complete set of power grid, optimize interconnection process, simplify the procedure of grid, etc. This means that distributed power supply projects built in user inside place, electricity can all access to the Internet, all for personal use or for spontaneous use electrical access to the Internet. By the end of 2012, China has been the launch of interconnection of distributed power supply 1. 560000, the installed capacity of 34. 36 million kilowatts; Among them 33 distributed photovoltaic power generation capacity. Hydroelectric power 23. 76 million kw 80000 kw, and distributed, in the world. Distributed photovoltaic greet opportunities & other; The photovoltaic industry has attracted a lot of investment, capacity to expand blindly. In 2011 the European debt crisis led to pv market demand rapid attenuation. ” Crystal energy co. , LTD. President Chen Kangping think, photovoltaic industry to get out of trouble, must develop the domestic market demand. At present, the domestic pv market is growing. In 2012, the photovoltaic power generation of new installed capacity of about 4. 5 gw, rose as high as 66%, about 14% of global market share. “ As long as the national policy support from centralized power pv applied to distributed the power of the miniaturization, whether individuals or companies, in terms of small pv power plant can be involved. ” Chen Kangping said, crystal photovoltaic energy has been declared to the National Energy Administration of distributed power plant 500 mw pilot construction. At present our country's energy structure height, relying on coal, the ratio of thermal power is too high, caused serious environmental stress. To improve the energy structure, we must improve the proportion of new energy as soon as possible. And distributed generation of this new model will accelerate the development of new energy. “ Although the current wind power generation costs less than photovoltaic, solar electricity in the daytime, more can fit into production and living demand. ” Chen Kangping for distributed very bullish on the prospect of the photovoltaic power generation, & other; Distributed photovoltaic power generation can be used on-site power generation, in situ, than in the west make centralized big power China send again, more environmentally friendly. ” Guodian group general manager Zhu Yongpeng thinks: & other; The advantages of distributed photovoltaic power generation can be a roof of a family in the city, the window is used, enough to ensure lighting electricity self-sufficiency. Distributed energy to do a lot of power, however, also should be given priority to with natural gas power, wind power, photovoltaic power per unit area is limited after all, it's hard to do large photovoltaic and urban districts. ” Put forward more urgent requirements of smart grid, a distributed energy generation is not stable, sealing ability of power grid, security, put forward a lot of test. Chen Kangping believes that the development of distributed energy puts forward more pressing requirements on smart grid, power grid enterprises should be combined with the power of electricity, to intelligent adjustment according to different demand of different industries. Previously, the national power grid has formulated 'strong smart grid technology standard system planning', has been clear about the strong smart grid technology standards roadmap, and puts forward the basic 2015 built with information, automation, interaction characteristics of strong smart grid, the grid resource allocation ability, level of economic efficiency, safety, improve technology level and intelligent level. Smart grid, all around the world is still in its infancy. In the future, the smart grid construction of our country can adapt to the rapid development of distributed energy, remains to be seen. Another big bottleneck restricting the development of distributed energy is a feed-in tariff. Zhu? Said: & other; Now enterprises to develop distributed energy is very motivated, but the price system needs to improve. For distributed natural gas power generation, if gas prices fluctuate, electricity price can change accordingly? ” “ Western influenced by illumination time, the cost of photovoltaic power generation is 1 degree more than six MAO, the eastern part of photovoltaic power generation cost to 1 degree 1. 1 yuan. ” Chen Kangping thinks, to speed up the promotion of distributed photovoltaic power generation, in the eastern region to the senders 3 to 4 years. The personage inside course of study is put forward, according to the capacity of distributed power supply, time, stability, and electricity supply comprehensive considerations, for different regions, different types of distributed power supply and reasonable pricing, which depends on the smart grid to speed up the construction and perfection. Link url: WWW. zjxmfm。 com
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