Diving the application scope of electromagnetic valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
Diving the application range of the electromagnetic valve time diving, electromagnetic valve, the application scope of this series is suitable for neutral and pure gas or liquid, especially such as air, water, hot water pipe line control system; Diving solenoid valves are widely applied to landscape fountain, shipbuilding industry, petrochemical industry, water supply and drainage, cleaning equipment, water, pipeline medium automation control and other fields. Product features, live free installation; Action quick response; Body is made of hot forging forming technology, beautiful appearance, using original sealing materials, service life is ten times of similar products, CNC machine tool processing, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the solenoid valve, using special requirments coil, improve the reliability of valve, role in life for more than ten thousand times, liquid, gas, oil can be mixed use, improve the use of the valve unique design, exquisite appearance; The piston structure, stable performance; Good sealing, switch quickly; Authoritarian coil, not easily burned; Can be installed on the meters deep underwater. Main technical parameters of size range DN ~ DN, control, normally open, normally closed, since type. The power supply voltage DC ~ V. AC~V。 Body material cast steel, stainless steel. Applicable medium such as water, gas, oil, corrosion fluid. Pressure range ~ ~ + MPa temperature range, medium viscosity is smaller than the CSt ( Is greater than the need to customize) 。 Waterproof protective performance. According to the working condition of choice. Lead type wiring way. Connection flange, welding, internal thread ( External thread and special interface can be customized or adapter) 。 Explosion-proof solenoid valve, high pressure gas solenoid valve solenoid valve, solenoid valve, steam, water use, electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic valve, and so on professional custom production are welcome to call technical support hotline director wang
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