Do you know the role of electric valve positioner

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
Do you know the role of electric valve positioner? 1, electric valve positioner is to adjust the control system of high quality requirements, need to increase the positioning accuracy and increase the stability of the regulator. 2, installed on both ends of the valve pressure difference is greater than 1 mpa. By increasing the pressure increase starter output force, overcome the vision of the fluid on the valve core force to minimize the schedule of errors. 3, in order to prevent external leakage, when the flow fluid contained in the high temperature and high pressure, low temperature, flammable, explosive and other state will often filler extrusion was firmly sealed, use the friction between stem and packing increases, reoccupy can overcome the time delay situation at this time. 4, when the fluid viscous fluid or fluid containing suspended solids, and use the locator can reduce the fluid resistance of stem mobile. 5, it also has to overcome the control signal transmission lag, perfect the movement speed of electric valve. 6, improve the flow of the regulating valve flow characteristics. 7, when a single regulator control two actuators can be used when the locator, as a low routine action, another height. Accept low input signal and high input signal respectively, achieving the process control mode. 产品。 asp
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