Does AIRWOLF provide ODM service?
AIRWOLF CO, LTD has been always insisting on independent innovation and believes which will continuously enhance its core competitiveness. Get an offer! A Specialized Manufacturer of pneumatic parts supplier After being improved greatly, AIRWOLF's pulse valve manufacturers is more advantageous in the following aspects. AIRWOLF has professional engineers and technicians, so we are able to provide one-stop and comprehensive solutions for customers.

Different models of shibaokang front filter It is mainly the three types of front filter, super filter and micro filter. if you need to buy a water purifier, it is recommended that you first understand the two technologies of the water purifier industry: 1. reverse osmosis. 2. UF. Reverse osmosis is recognized as the safest and most scientific water treatment technology in the world. The water base through the reverse osmosis membrane is pure water, that is, only water molecules, so it is the safest. The filtration accuracy of ultra-filtration is tight and reverse osmosis, but it is not pure water. because the pore diameter of ultra-filtration membrane is larger than reverse osmosis, some manufacturers promote that ultra-filtration water purifier is a water purifier that can retain minerals, in fact, it is light to avoid weight. since it is not pure water, there may be bacteria, viruses and chemical pollutants with a diameter smaller than the pore size of the UF membrane in the water. of course, there m

Philips faucet water purifier household direct drink kitchen self-come water machine filter front high-end water filter useful? Take the right to use, do not disturb, in order to reduce water pollution.As we all know, water is the water company that has been disinfected by water purification, and the drainage pipes are in the rivers of remote users. Long-distance pipes rust, pollution must be generated, so as to produce secondary pollution of water?After use (cylinder), after use of precipitation, the barrel is installed with the best tap water for a certain period of time; the next day, the first time on the switch or faucet for a long time did not open the first time, leading to water outflow before closing, can not be used, because it is finally near the edge of the faucet with accumulated dirt and rust, etc. (You should take it seriously and then release the water not yellow with a black belt), a friend who will leave a health hazard if using this water for cooking or soup. Even if your soup pot is a
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