Domestic high-end valves from import dependence is not a dream

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-06
With the progress of science and technology and development, and constantly improve the social and economic development speed, competition in this industry is also increasingly fierce, the valve industry in China after decades of development, in product research and development, performance, quality, reliability, service has made great progress. Is now in highly automated, intelligent, multi-function, high efficiency and low consumption of direction in the development, has become the many industry production supplies. In 2000, the valve more intelligent, high efficiency and form a complete set of more perfect than before and higher degree of automation, product function is becoming more and more rich. Take the market as the guidance, improve the technology content, research and development and efficient low consumption, production and sales of excellent products and high-tech products, the function gradually to the refinement and in the direction of diversification, which has become urgent to valve industry development. In addition to learning to improve the valve related technologies, but also need to other areas of advanced technology used in the valve products, such as mechanical and electrical integration technology, remote control technology and so on, so that we can make the product technical performance is greatly improved, strengthen * *, improve equipment form a complete set of production capacity, improve the market competitiveness of the valve, make the situation of domestic valve industry to gradually get rid of import. Valve industry trade for many years in the world is in a state of growing, the application of the valve are mainly concentrated in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, building, electric power industries, these industries are relatively strong economic sector in the global economy, high investment, are * big buyers of valve equipment, nearly 80% of the share. But in the future, with the function of the valve gradually diversified, more automated operation, the electromagnetic valve ( Water solenoid valve, steam solenoid valve, explosion-proof solenoid valve, high temperature high pressure solenoid valve, stainless steel solenoid valve, electromagnetic valve, etc. ) , the regulator ( Electric control valve, pneumatic control valve, self-reliance type control valve, electric ball valves, electric butterfly valve, pneumatic ball valves, pneumatic butterfly valve, etc. ) , electric valve, Electric gate valves, electric valve, electric knife gate valve, electric knife gate valve, etc. ) A large number of automation control valve will go more and more fields, applied in more and more emerging industries. Strengthen * *, and continuously research and development of new equipment, improve the quality and performance of the valve, believe that China's valve industry to get rid of imports will no longer be a dream. Excellent domestic valves from import dependence is not a dream of ball valve installation and maintenance and maintenance of common sense is used for adjusting industrial and requirements
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