Don't need the power of the electromagnetic valve is invented by scientists

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Don't need the power of the electromagnetic valve invented by scientists don't need the power of the electromagnetic valve anonymous Internet time Christian baal Dan of senior scientists and engineers to develop sven-goran eriksson John arne riise DTU series ( Denmark) Show off their latest invention three-way valve to control by magnetic materials is by external magnets attract liquid, flow reaches a certain temperature. Design is a promising and the group is now looking for partners in the industry who is willing to join in the work. Christian baal is in the fuel cell and solid chemistry, a senior scientist, magnetic refrigeration engineering are mainly. Magnetic refrigeration is a kind of energy-efficient cooling technology, can greatly save electricity in the long run. Through this, Christian barr Curie temperature with different material knowledge. The Curie temperature switch between magnetic and nonmagnetic materials. This property has inspired group to create the purge valve is controlled by a magnet.
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