Drain valve antifreeze protection

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-24
Selection, installation and appropriate as long as there is steam through the drain valve, won't appear frozen. But if the steam is broken, the steam condensate will or in the heat exchanger tube to form a vacuum. This will prevent before freezing water discharge from the system free. So, to be emissions equipment and drain valve is installed between a vacuum breaker. If the drain valve to return pipe instead of using gravity discharge, drain valve and discharge line should be used artificial emissions or take antifreezing measures of discharge pipe automatically. Also, when multiple drain valve installed in the drain valve station together, insulation to the drain valve to prevent freezing. Anti-freezing measures are as follows: 1. The size of the drain valve don't choose too big. 2. Keep the drain valve discharge line as short as possible. 3. Downward sloping drain valve discharge line, in order to accelerate the rate of gravity discharge. 4. Drain valve drain line and the condensate backwater pipes with insulation. 5. When the condensate water pipe when exposed to atmospheric conditions, consideration should be given with heat pipe. 6. If higher return pipe, vertical discharge tube to the back to the upper manifold adjacent pipe, and the discharge pipe and the drain valve discharge pipe insulation.
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