Drain valve installation instructions

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
Drain valve installation is appropriate, for the normal work of the drain valve and equipment production efficiency has a direct impact. Install drain valve must be installed according to the formal requirements, to make the drain valve and equipment to achieve the best working efficiency. 1. Before installing the drain valve must be used with pressurized steam purging pipes, clear away the clutter in the pipeline. 2. Drain valve should be installed before the filter, ensure the drain valve from the piping sundry jam, regular cleaning filter. 3. Drain valve to install the valve door, convenient and drain valve to pick up at any time. 4. The condensate flow to consistent with drain valve installation arrow mark. 5. Drain valve should be installed at the lowest equipment export, discharge frozen water in time, avoid tube produce steam resistance. 6. If there is no location equipment at the lowest drain valve is installed, should add a departure is curved in the lowest outlet locations ( The condensate increased joint) , put again after condensation water level ascension drain valve, lest produce steam resistance. 7. Drain valve outlet pipe should not be submerged in the water. ( If it is immersed in water, should drill a hole in the curved, destroying the vacuum, prevent sand back to the suction. ) 8. Mechanical type drain valve is installed to level. 9. Steam drain valve is installed don't series. 10. Each device should be to install each drain valve. 11. Before hot static type drain valve need to have more than one meter is not too cold tube of the heat preservation, other forms of drain valve should be close to the equipment. 12. Drum drying ( With siphon type) Selection of equipment drain valve please indicate: take the drain valve, steam resistance device to avoid equipment to produce vapor lock. 13. Drain valve if the condensate recovery, after the top of the drain valve outlet pipe should be recycled main access manager, reduce the back pressure, prevent backflow. 14. If you have the condensate recovery after drain valve, different pressure levels of pipeline to separate recycling. 15. Drain valve after the condensate recovery manager can't climb, will increase the back pressure of drain valve. 16. After the condensate drain valve before entering the recycling manager to install the check valve, prevent condensate return. 17. Drain valve in the steam pipeline, main line to set up a close to the main line radius of condensate ShuiJi Wells, and then with a small tube to drain the valve. 18. Mechanical type drain valve is not for a long time, to remove the drain screw inside the water drop, to prevent freezing. 19. Find running steam drain valve, timely drainage and clean screen pack, according to the practical use, frequently check in case of failure repair at any time. To access at least once a year to remove surface impurities. Drain valve in the steam system is considered to be a small parts, but a great influence on system and economic operation, so the drain valve maintenance and maintenance is also very important, only full attention drain valve of the important role in the production. Regular maintenance, make the drain valve is often in good working condition, can guarantee the best energy saving effect and improve the economic benefit.
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