Eccentric rotating hemisphere valve working principle and structural features

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Eccentric rotating hemisphere valve working principle: the eccentric rotating adjusting valve is a kind of new structure, fluid resistance small direct type valve body structure, in the rotary center of the valve core is not one of the axis of rotation, can reduce the valve seat wear and prolong service life; At the back of the valve core has a fin, which is beneficial to the stability of fluid flow, with excellent stability. At the same time, also has a large flow, the advantages of adjustable range is particularly suited to contain slurry process control system. In order to ensure the large adjustable ratio and reliability, and reduce the instrument, can be used as shown in the figure below, eccentric rotary type regulating valve valve core. This valve can be used in acid gas or liquid, the structure and material conforms to the national anti-corrosion engineers learn standard NACEMR0175 & ndash; 2002 eccentric rotating hemisphere valve structure: eccentric rotating the hemisphere valve valve body flow is simple, small resistance, compared with the same diameter single, two-seat valves, with large flow capacity, but only about a third of its weight. Deflecting valve USES the rotary motion, the sealing of the stuffing box is improved at the same time have a larger output power, so the valve leakage is small, the stiffness is bigger, can work reliably under the rated pressure difference. Eccentric rotary valve core, valve rod make rotation movement only, so it switch turns on the friction force is small, when the valve core and valve seat contact is closed, the valve core soft arm under the action of thrust actuator to produce small elastic deformation and the elastic tight force, make the valve core and valve seat contact more closely, therefore, eccentric rotary valve leakage is very small. The necessary push close the valve door is smaller compared with ball valve, butterfly valve door door. The characteristics of eccentric rotating hemisphere valve: 1) The valve seat long service life. Durable, solid metal or ceramic valve seat ring and eccentric valve core, in the process of opening and closing, as shown on the left, and reduce the friction of the valve core and valve seat, improved the destruction of the valve seat sealing surface, and resistance when open. When the valve core rotate to the closed position, the valve core and valve seat ring can produce automatic overlapping action, get a more reasonable and collaboration between the sealing surface. The material of the valve seat sealing ring can choose 316 stainless steel, forging steel A105 surfacing welding tungsten carbide and ceramic. 2) Reliable performance. Special valve seat seal design, it can automatic centering, aim to lap, dynamic, and the valve core, can improve the service life. Sealing can prevent particles deposited metal bearing axial surface and prevent the valve core. 3) Can be a variety of operations. Automatic centering of the valve seat sealing ring and the solid valve core, can be in any direction when using the forward and reverse flows to seal. Using backward flow direction, export turbulent area is far away from the valve seat sealing surface, and the valve core is 90 ℃ trip also helps to reduce the valve core and transverse flow, reduce the probability of damage. 4) Easy installation. Flanged valve body, with different levels of pipe flange connection. With different design requirements, also can avoid has exposed the flange bolts. When installation of locating surface and the overall effect is better also. Also can provide compression type without flange of the valve body, can rely on when installed flange bolt positioning. Eccentric rotating hemisphere valve technical performance index and parameters of the valve body material: WCB, ZG23O - 450; ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti; ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti; ZGOCr18Ni10Ti core materials: 0 cr18ni12mo2ti; OCr18Ni12Mo2Ti surfacing welding department too alloy; 0 cr18ni12ti embedded polytetrafluoroethylene ( The valve seat) 。 The flange standard: ANSIB16. 5 or JB/T79 piping flange and gasket. Air supply connection: Rcl / 4 accessories: gate valves locator ( Pneumatic, electric - Gas) ; The air filter and pressure relief valve, The handwheel. Ambient temperature: - 40 ~ + 70 ℃ metal valve seat: - 195 ~ + 398 ℃ soft seat valve: - 73 ~ + ZO4OC eccentric rotating hemisphere valve scope of urban construction, chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, environmental protection
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