editorial: think of trump as a safety valve on the political machine

by:AIRWOLF     2019-08-29
The intellectual campaign is like an itch behind our political system, and even stubborn Democrats can\'t completely scratch it.
After listening to Donald Trump\'s remarks that Muslims are a dangerous \"other, who among us, at least not briefly, doubted whether democracy was really better than all the options, as Winston Churchill famously argued, but the truth is that it provided a way out for the natives of Trumpnothing pot-
The political system is a dynamic and fast-growing need for civilization, and democracy is one of the reasons.
Yes, in the short term, the United StatesS.
Tycoons may bring out the most dire situation among those who think the existing politicians are not taking care of them.
But you have to stand further, and the political meaning you see is equivalent to draining steam from the safety valve.
For everyone, it is very good to know that something has happened inside the national boiler before things prosper.
In fact, Trump is a follower, not a leader;
He\'s delivering \"heat-of-the-
When people ignore the values that make us free, western, and free, our passion disappears --
Special Democratic civilization
His campaign will make us stronger because it will force us to re-examine these values --
In fact, the constitutional values of the United States
In some ways, it has become fashionable to laugh at \"political correctness.
Think about \"Donald\" and rebel candidates like him, as a conduit, when imagining the representation of their own circle of acquaintances, different citizens of a large community will really notice and hear each other\'s voice, which will be even more comforting, and the distant discordant voice is not.
Think of democracy as a melting pot, in which absurd, mean
Donald Trump\'s bold pandering ideas can be tested
In a forum where results cannot be denied
Long before the frustrated guerrillas reached violent extremes, we have seen too much in recent months.
Political elites are happy with a system that forces voters to choose between their favorites, who don\'t like Donald Trump in the world.
Is it a bad thing if the upstart candidate forces mainstream politicians to pay attention and make fewer voters feel ignorant? Of course, the benefits that elites get from some inmoderation are nothing compared to what the rest of us get.
Especially in these radical, didactic days. to-the-
With Revamped websites and politically tailored mainstream media like Fox News, grassroots voters can be completely disconnected.
In a democracy, supporters of people like Trump can see their opinions heard.
Then rejected.
In the election, as at any other time, no one will evade the voice of the objection and the argument of the objection.
The editorial is the consensus of the Wall Street Journal editorial board by Margo Goodhand, Kathy Kerr, Karen Booth, Dan Barnes, Brent witmel, Julia Lai
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