Electric actuators in the status of industrial control system

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
Electric actuators in the industrial control system is a very important in electric unit combination instrument of execution units. Electric actuators provide device driven by linear or rotary motion & # 8218; It USES a certain type of drive energy and works in under the action of a control signal. Electric actuators using liquid, gas, electricity or other energy and through the motor, cylinder, or other device to convert it to drive. Electric motor actuators generally performed by the control circuit and two completely independent components in the electricity on the road, can receive from the regulator control signal, the linear to convert mechanical Angle or line displacement, used to manipulate the throttle, baffle and valve regulating mechanism, to achieve automatic control. Quite many different kinds of valves, the working principle is different also, general with the rotation Angle of valve plate, lift valve plate to realize on-off control, when matched with electric actuators should first choice depending on the type of valve electric actuator. Quarter-turn electric actuator ( Angle & lt; 360 degrees) Electric actuator output shaft rotation is less than a week, that is less than 360 degrees, 90 degrees is usually so as to realize the control valve opening and closing process. This kind of electric actuator according to the different methods of installation interface is divided into direct type, base crank type two kinds. 1) Direct type: refers to the electric actuator output shaft and the valve stem in the form of direct installation. 2) The base crank type: refers to the output shaft in the form of a crank connected with the valve stem. This kind of electric actuator is suitable for the butterfly valve, ball valve, plug valves, etc. Multi-turn electric actuator ( Angle & gt; 360 degrees) Electric actuator output shaft rotation is more than a week, that is greater than 360 degrees, usually need more than one ring valve opening and closing process control can be achieved. This kind of electric actuator is suitable for the gate valves, globe valves, etc. Straight travel electric actuator ( Linear motion) Electric actuator output shaft motion to linear motion type, not rotation. This kind of electric actuator is suitable for single seat regulator, two-seat regulator, etc. Electric actuators are widely used in real life the & # 8218; Such as: electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, paper making, sewage treatment and other industries. Through the electric valves and similar equipment & # 8218; Thus human of task & # 8218; Such as: excessive torque requirements or valve conditions. More articles: & gt; How to avoid the damage of the pneumatic valve sealing surface & gt; The merits and demerits of the electric and pneumatic valve & gt; The selection of stainless steel pneumatic valve & gt; Containing particulate medium pneumatic valves should how to choice?
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