Electric ball valve adjustment method

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
Was part of the rotary type ball valve, the electric ball valve can be rotated 90 ° seated fully open, compared with the same specifications of the gate and globe valves, ball valves, small volume, light weight, strong function, high reliability, easy to pipe installation, etc. Good sealing performance, large flow capacity, small flow resistance coefficient, simple structure, convenient maintenance and long service life. Body channels and connected to equal diameter and diameter, flow medium can be almost no losses. Strict electric ball valves are normally used for sealing occasions, in addition to the control of gas, liquid and steam medium, also suitable for control of sewage and medium containing fibrous material. Ball valve is a kind of important valve class, in the petrochemical and long pipeline, and other fields have a wide range of applications. Its closure is part of a perforated sphere, the sphere with the valve rod rotation, open or close the valve. Flow can be arbitrary, adjustable range, can be used for high pressure and large diameter, high viscosity control, with fibrous and fine particles of medium. Electric ball valve adjustment method whether single machine factory, electric valve actuators or assembly on the regulating valve factory, the factory have done adjust, but given the intense vibration in the process of transportation and installation, the phenomenon such as the impact, so before running it should confirm whether correct, if there is any deviation can be adjusted according to the following step
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