Electric ball valve installation need to pay attention to what

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
Electric ball valve maintenance including the preparation before installation, the installation of the pneumatic pipeline ball valve, pneumatic pipeline ball valve check after installation, maintenance of pneumatic pipeline ball valve. In the course of using the electric ball valve in corrosion phenomenon. Through microstructure analysis, dyeing and try face face, heat treatment, such as SEM test analysis, found the material corrosion because of the key factors for chromium carbide precipitation form poverty area along the grain boundary in the valve, gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, causing electric ball valve after the installation, start the pneumatic pipeline ball valve open and close several times, should be flexible, force uniform, pneumatic pipeline ball valve working properly; According to design requirements for pipeline pressure, after through pressure test pneumatic pipeline ball valve and pipe flange joint surface sealing performance. Pneumatic pipeline ball valve installation position to ensure that the pipeline on the coaxial position, pipeline flange should keep two pieces of parallel, confirmed the pipeline to withstand pneumatic pipeline ball valve, its weight if found pipeline pneumatic pipeline ball valve cannot bear weight, is equipped with the corresponding support of the pipeline before installation. Electric motor fine small actuators from stand actuators electric PP ball valve pneumatic pipe ball valve flange and pipe flange mount gasket, according to the requirements of pipeline design between flange bolts shall be symmetrical, successive, uniform tight, if pipe pneumatic ball valve adopt pneumatic, electric actuators, according to the instructions to complete the installation of the air supply, power supply. In addition, to confirm whether there is impurities inside the pipeline, welding slag, etc. , must be put inside the pipeline purging and clean. Electric ball valve can be installed at any section at the upstream end, handle electric ball valve may be installed in any position, if the configuration actuator ( Such as gear box, electric - Pneumatic actuators) The pneumatic ball valve, pipeline must be installed vertically, the valve on the import and export in a horizontal position. The electric ball valve rust. Material for CF8M electric ball valve in corrosion phenomena appeared in the process of use. Austenitic stainless steel after normal heat treatment, the organization shall be the austenite at room temperature, corrosion resistant performance is very good. In order to analyze the corrosion cause of ball valve, on which the sample is analyzed. Check the pneumatic pipeline ball valve nameplate, and pneumatic pipeline ball valve is fully open full close several operations, confirm the valve to work normally, comprehensive review again the all details of the valve, ensure that the valve is in good condition. Remove protective cover on both ends of the valve, check valve body is clean, clean the valve body cavity, the pneumatic pipeline ball valve sealing surface shape is the ball, even small debris may also be the sealing surface damage. What are the structure characteristics of the electric ball valve electric ball valve has a simple structure, small volume, light weight, low material consumption, installation size is small, quick, 90 ° reciprocating rotary switch, low driving torque, etc, used for truncation, connected, regulate medium in pipe has good flow control characteristics and close the sealing performance. Seat sealing performance is good, use the sealing ring made of elastic material, such as teflon structure is easy to be sealed, and the ball valve seal ability increases as the medium pressure increases. Thrust bearings reduce stem friction torque, can make the valve stem long smooth and flexible operation; Such as ptfe material has good self-lubrication, with ball friction loss is small, so the ball valve's service life is long; Bottoms type valve stem and valve stem head convex order to prevent the valve stem, stem seal damage caused by such as fire, convex order between the body and also can form metal contact, to ensure that the valve stem seal.
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