Electric ball valve maintenance matters is introduced

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
When abnormal electric ball valves, should first learn how to carry out maintenance and repair, the appropriate maintenance method is key, the following people electric ball valve repair common problems do the following on show. Work pressure around before and after removing the first gate, to be able to gate valves for disassembling operation division. Gate valve bolts in heavy oil circuit board must be symmetry, slowly and symmetrically tightening. Cleaner should be with gate valve in rubber products, plastic parts, metal products and material ( Such as natural gas) Homogeneous solution. When work material for gas, can use motor gasoline ( GB484 - 89). Clean the metal parts. Non-metallic materials parts with clear water or ethanol. Breakaway can separate parts covered way to clean up. Nonmetallic material components should be removed from the detergent after cleaning, not long-term covered. After cleaning up after wash boundary layer cleaner volatile ( Can not soak cleaner linen brush) To carry out the installation, but not long-term idle, otherwise will rust, dust pollution of the environment. The new parts before installation should be clean and tidy. When installation or admit of broken slag metal materials, chemical fiber, plant oils ( Standard application out) Fly ash and its residue, dirt such as environmental pollution, adhesion or stranded on the parts surface or into the wall.
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