Electric butterfly valve door installation instructions

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
1, before installation must be carefully check marks, certificate is in accordance with the requirements of the valve gate, after check should be cleaning. Not installed using the electric butterfly valve should be stored in dry room door. Keep longer valve door, regularly clean, dry, with anti-rust oil. The valve door application of blind flange sealing surface protection on both ends. 2, according to the flow direction of medium for installation; Priority for horizontal installation. 3, electric butterfly valve gate and pipeline connection bolt, when installation should be according to the direction of diagonal to tighten for many times, not piece a tight, in case of flange joint leakage caused by uneven. 4, electric butterfly valve door installation, should with butterfly plate in the closed position advisable, prevent debris into the valve cavity rub sealing surface, a user to test, point with flange clamp installed on both ends after the test. 5, gate valve and pipeline connection, the requirement to use the welded steel pipe flange or electric butterfly valve door special flange. If using flat steel flange must demand the flange hole is as large as the gasket inner hole, to ensure the effective of the gasket sealing surface. 6, electric butterfly valve factory has will control institutions opening and closing door schedule set, to prevent wrong orientation when power on, the user in the first before turning on the power supply, manual is first to open a position at the beginning of a third. And check the dial direction are consistent with valve door open direction. 7, the valve door when use, such as faults, should immediately stop using it.
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