Electric control valve how to choose appropriate diameter size

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Electric valves to how to choose the appropriate selection of the diameter size of aperture and verify the flow capacity of the valve based primarily on the Cv. In all kinds of engineering instrument design and type selection, Cv for the regulating valve is calculated, and provides the regulating valve design manual. From the electric regulating valve Cv calculation to determine the calibre of the valve, the general subject to the following steps: 1 to calculate flow rate determination. The existing production capacity, equipment load and the condition of the medium, decided to calculate flow rate Qmax and Qmin. The determination of 2 electric regulating valve pressure difference before and after. According to the selected valve flow characteristic and system characteristics of the selected S ( Drag coefficient) And determine the differential calculation. 3 Cv. According to the regulation of media to choose the appropriate formula and chart, Cmax and Cmin is obtained. 4) Selects the Cv. According to the Cmax, standard series of the products in their choice selection & gt; Cmax and with its most close to the level of C. 5) Electric control valve opening. General requirements at the time of maximum calculation flow opening ≯ 90%, the smallest calculation flow when opening ≮ 10%. 6) Actual calculating the adjustable than electric regulating valve. Actual adjustable ≮ 10 general requirements. 7) The determination of the valve seat diameter and nominal diameter. Verify right after, according to the C. Electric control valve selection is very meticulous work, not only must have the solid specialized theory knowledge, but also have rich practical experience. Is a good choice is not only beneficial to adjust the setting of PID parameters of control circuit, the modulated parameters to get better control effect, also make the regulating valve life growth greatly. Selection of regulating valve must adjust measures to local conditions, not static, in the process of practice summary and the innovation unceasingly, particularly as the electromechanical integration technology, the application of computer and digital information technology, structure and function of the electric valves to become better and more comprehensive, for selecting the electric regulating valve provides a great convenience.
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