Electric control valve, pneumatic control valve installation technology and operation procedures

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
1. Adhere to the correct installation technology should always comply with the control valve ( Regulating valve) The manufacturer's installation instructions and attention points. Here the typical installation instructions as a simple conclusion. 2. Reading manuals between install valve door, read the instruction manual. Products described in this instruction manual before installation and the installation should pay attention to safety issues and preventive measures. According to the guidelines in the manual to do help to ensure the installation simple and successful. 3. Verify that the foreign body in pipeline cleaning pipe may damage valve sealing surface of the door or even hinder the movement of the valve core, the ball or butterfly plate caused the valve door cannot be closed properly. In order to reduce the possibility of danger happens, need to clean all in front of install valve pipe. Confirm having cleanup dirt, metal chips, welding slag, and other foreign matter. In addition, check the pipeline flange in order to ensure a smooth surface of the gasket. If the valve door have threaded end, to paint on the pipe pin the high-grade pipe sealant. Don't on female thread sealants, because on the female thread excess sealant can be packed into the valve body. Redundant sealant will result in the accumulation of valve core card plug or dirt, leading to the valve door will not shut down properly. 4. Check the control valve ( Regulating valve) Although the valve door manufacturers can take some steps to prevent the transport damage, but this kind of damage or possible, and can be found and notified prior to installation. Do not install already know that has been damaged during transportation and storage of the valve gate. Before installation, check and remove all transportation stop, protective use plug or the lid on the surface of the gasket, the check valve body to ensure that there is no foreign body inside. 5. Use of pipe connection good practice most of the control valve ( Regulating valve) Can be installed in any position, but the most commonly used method is the actuator vertically and is located in the upper part of the valve gate. If actuators level installation is needed, of the actuator is considered adding an extra vertical support. Install valve shall ensure that such body: the direction of flow and flow arrow or the direction indicated by the instruction manual. 6. To ensure that at the top and bottom of the valve door leave enough space for inspection and maintenance easily remove the actuator or the valve core. Space distance can usually figure from gate valve manufacturer of dimension. For flange connection of the valve body to ensure the flange surface accurately aligned evenly so that the gasket surface contact. Later, in the flange of gently tighten bolts, the last in a staggered form properly tighten tighten the bolt to avoid uneven gasket load, and helps to prevent leak, also helps to avoid the damage of the flange or even the possibility of cracks. When connecting flange and valve door flange material is different, this kind of preventive measures is particularly important. Installed on the control valve ( Regulating valve) Upstream and downstream of the pressure tube will help to check the flow or pressure drop. Will bring pressure pipe received from bend, reducing or hole diameter of straight pipe. This position can be due to fluid turbulent flow to minimize the inaccuracy. With a quarter or 3/8 of an inch ( 6 - 10毫米) Tube put pressure on the actuator interface connected to the controller. Keep the short distance connection, and try to reduce the number of pipe fittings and elbow in order to reduce the system time lag. If the distance must be very long, so can in control valve ( Regulating valve) On the use of a locator or the supercharger
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