Electric cut-off valve localization in China to a new level

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-24
Commissioned by the national energy commission, China machinery electric cut-off valve industry association studies, and nuclear secondary V electric gate valve door, and nuclear level 2 W type switch valve, valve 7 Taiwan prototype technology achievements appraisal, the experts agreed that Taiwan 7 prototype development and enterprise successful example of the combination of production, independent innovation, the development of nuclear grade wedge parallel plate electric valves, pneumatic diaphragm valve is to fill the domestic blank, technology advanced level of similar foreign product positioning, further promoting nuclear power valve gate. Science and technology electric cut-off valve, & other; Nuclear science and technology development for the next step in high-end valve door core layer. We hope the owner together, our equipment manufacturers, more flexible ways of cooperation, the industry, promote the localization of nuclear power valve door. ” National Energy Administration energy-saving technology *, li said, deputy director of the yellow face high phase ii, 4% to today than fuqing, jiashan projects of more than 40%, over the past few years, pump and valve in China appeared a significant progress, positioning. Gate of China valve industry pioneer in the valve on the door again and again the key system of nuclear power in nuclear science and technology of the new breakthrough, break the monopoly of foreign technology, increase the rate of nuclear power equipment, has become the backbone of check and ratify a *. Government has a responsibility to provide strong support and positive, and expand the market for it. In addition, all of the owners should also actively cooperation with manufacturers, promoting nuclear power * domestic production to a new level.
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