Electric knife gate valve this time don't say I don't know

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Electric knife gate valve this time don't say don't know how rotary electric knife gate valve is equipped with electric device, the valve plate for rectilinear motion from top to bottom, to realize the remote control valve opening or closing, the valve body material adopts cast steel, stainless steel material, used in chemical industry, coal, sugar, sewage, paper and other fields, particularly suitable for papermaking industry used on the pipeline to adjust and throttling. Electric knife gate valve according to different made into non-rising stem and stem diameter two forms ( Non-rising stem (- 900 mm, rising stem (- 900mm) Don't have any slag, all round dc channel design, BuKa resistance. Knife plate bottom into the blade shape processing of soft materials such as fiber, paper pulp, wood pulp has cut off function, at the same time has good opening and closing action. In the upper blade equipped with hard teflon wiper, can prevent the dust and scratch sexual material such as gravel into the stuffing box, can significantly improve the blade life. The valve material selection of stainless steel, fine grinding and polishing treatment can obtain the best sealing effect. Compact design, occupying small space, light weight, easy to install, prevent measures to improve the wear-resisting, easy maintenance, easy to use and long service life, and can choose which drives. Body and stuffing box for precision casting, of which the body USES the integral casting flange type, material can be selected according to user needs 304, 316, 316 l, WCB, 2 crl3, sealing ring using PTFE reinforced PTFE material, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, non-stick slag. Valve plate with 5 points, make the valve plate has good from to. When the valve is closed, and back pressure, the valve plate is not skewed. Electric knife gate valve applicable medium: gold ores, tailings, paper pulp, wood pulp, fiber, dust, chemical sewage, sedimentation tank, sand, slag, coal slurry, asphalt, bin exports, fruits, grain, cement, the abattoir wastewater, etc. Working temperature: soft seal ( PTFE) :- 40℃- 180℃; Carbon steel: - 29℃- 425℃; Stainless steel: - 40℃- 600℃; Molybdenum chrome vanadium steel, & le; 550℃; 6 - 1.6MPa。
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