Electric, pneumatic valve actuator

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
Is smaller than the action of pneumatic valve torque of electric valve, pneumatic valves and electric valve is the biggest difference between driving device, a pneumatic actuator, electric actuator. The choice of actuators for different engineering system have different request. First used in chemical and other professional pneumatic valve, is the occasion of the request for explosion-proof. Pneumatic valve high safety, manipulation of the brief, can regulate the speed of switch, safe and reliable, and brief structure, convenient maintenance, only need to have a meet air supply can ensure that the valve BuKa machine formation damage. The power source of the pneumatic valve pneumatic actuators for compressed gas, and electric power source for the power of the valve. Air compressor of air source, choose electronic control signal converter gas control signal. The circuit boards of electric valve electric actuator or motor often sparks, so much for the status of the request is not high to the environment or not risk. Inductive contrast, pneumatic actuators faster than the speed of the electric actuator, so in control is more suitable for engineering application, but the operation of the electric actuator is more accurate, more stable steering. In this paper, the control release, from east reprint please indicate the http://www. dazkfy。 com
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