Electric pulse solenoid valve has what intelligence

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-17
The current society is moving towards intelligent development, and all products will bring in intelligent ideas to save manpower from performance. The use of solenoid valve also added intelligent concept, improve the performance of the ball valve, reduce the cost of human capital. Solenoid valve because joined many new technologies, in today's industry, a variety of fields have quite mature application technology, to ensure the basic productivity. The new automatic adjustment solenoid valve has unexpected features, including a variety of intelligence. The ball valve can be automatically adjusted to meet the work needs. Setting in advance can reduce the user's care for the ball valve, meet the work at the same time, but also reduce the use of manpower. Automatic diagnosis function is installed on the solenoid valve. In case of accidents, it can make intelligent judgment and adopt protective measures to ensure the damage of ball valve caused by accidents. This automatic diagnostic function automatically looks after the solenoid valve in use. According to the ball valve temperature, transfer fluid, etc., automatic response measures to make the solenoid valve operation more safe. Ball valves can be dropped to adjust the flow rate of fluid transfer, adjust the pressure of the line. Solenoid valve add more functions, add other functions to a simple solenoid valve, improve the performance of ball valve, also can reduce the occurrence of unexpected faults, such as corrosion resistance, rust resistance and so on.
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