Electric regulating valve structure and function

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
Electric regulating valve structure and function as the industry development needs, electric regulating valve appeared later than the pneumatic control valve, but its use scope is more and more widely. Because they don't need air supply, install and use more convenient, as long as the power and control signals can work, here small make up to introduce the electric regulating valve structure and function. Graph one figure 1 is a typical form of electric control valve, it consists of two detachable and regulating valve actuator ( Regulatory agencies) Parts. Upper is actuator, accept output regulator 0 ~ 10 madc or 4 ~ 20 madc signals, and convert them to corresponding linear displacement, promote the adjustment of the lower valve action, regulating the flow of fluid directly. All kinds of electric regulating valve actuators are basically the same, but the adjusting valve ( Regulatory agencies) Structure by using a lot of different types of conditions, the most commonly used is the direct single seat and through double valve seat valve two kinds. Electric control valve is the valve body of electric actuators with different industrial field instrument, it takes 4 - regulator output 20 ma or pulse signal, for closed loop control, realize the parameters such as flow, pressure, temperature, liquid level automatic control, and can choose a kind of intelligent electric actuator, realize digital transmission, such as DCS, PLC, more intelligent control system. Electric regulating valve power supply voltage 220 v and 380 v, electric valves, electric single-seat regulating valve, small electric flow control valve flow characteristics such as percentage, such as linear and fast 3 kinds.
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