Electric stainless steel ball valve on the problem

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
What are the problems existing in the electric stainless steel ball valve in greasing? Below small make up for everybody to summarize its in greasing may meet problems and treatment methods. In general electric stainless steel ball valve after the suppression test, seal chamber cavity gas and water due to environment temperature and pressure, drainage pressure greasing before, to help on the work smoothly. Greasing the sealed cavity of air and water is replaced. Timely relief valve cavity pressure, stability and guarantee the use of electric stainless steel ball valve. Note after the fat, to tighten the drainage and blowdown plug, so as to avoid an accident. Greasing, attention should be paid to the grease evenly. Normal greasing, close on the mouth of the fat Kong Xian out the fat, and then to low again is high, successive fat. If not according to the law or not fat, exist, to clean up in time. http://www。 dazkfy。 com
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