Electric stainless steel ball valve structure and use

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-05
Electric stainless steel ball valve just has to rotate 90 degrees of operating and small rotational torque can be closed tightly. Full equality of the valve body cavity for medium resistance is very small, straight flow channel. By electric ( Or pneumatic) Actuator with ball valve body parts, connected by the stent and the connecting shaft. Showed a ball valve under the maximum and minimum operating temperature allowed by the maximum operating pressure. Using PTFE or RTFE seat and seal material, operating temperature should be between - 290 - c to 2000 c. Other types of operating temperature of the seat and seal, should check by KI factory. The nominal pressure rating ( PN) , can show that the maximum working pressure in normal temperature condition. Operation and use of 1) Must be confirmed before operation, piping and valves have been washed. 2) , and the size of the valve operation according to the actuator input signal turns the valve stem complete: positive (1/4 turns 900). When the valve is shut off. Counter-rotating 1/4 turn ( 900). When the valve opens. 3) , when executing agency indicating arrow direction parallel to the pipeline when the valve is open; Indicating arrow and vertical pipeline, the valve is closed.
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