Electric stainless steel valve factory share several kinds of valve material identification method

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
The classification of the valves can be from function, material, structure, pressure, diameter, connection mode, drive mode, divided by the valve material is one of the common classification methods. According to the material of valve body, valve can be divided into metal, nonmetal lining body and metal valve valve, etc. There are many ways to identify the valve material and electric stainless steel valve factory here share some valve material identification method: 1, nondestructive table without damage to the valve parts and materials under the premise of using a variety of features to identify material performance. 2, combustion identification using the combustion performance to identify materials, metal materials commonly used is not burning. Rubber and plastic burns easily, they as lining in valves, seals, gaskets, packing, etc. 3 with chemical analysis, chemical analysis methods to analyze the content of the various elements in the material, according to the material standard, look-up table to determine the material number. 4, spectral identification using materials under high temperature and high energy excitation characteristics of the emission spectrum. Spectrum to identify qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis of alloy elements can. And the carbon content in steel cannot be determined. 5, soaked to identify the material soaked in solvent and corrosive liquid, according to its material deformation and corrosion degree to identify material, can according to the different material of anticorrosive manual distinguish between corrosion resistant properties, 6, section identification from colour and lustre, grain size distribution in the cross section of the specimen thickness, features such as edges and corners to see table material. Low carbon steel, grain fine, colour and lustre is the cross section are pale; High carbon content of steel, grain is a bit thick, the cross section micro color is white. The section of alloy steel, general fine grain are; High speed steel grain finer. 7, spark identification using steel on the grinding wheel grinding fly out of the tiny powder, sharply in air oxidation and the burst sparks feature to identify the material. Different steel, the spark of shape and colour and lustre is different also. Carbon in steel is the main element of produce a spark that burst. The carbon content in 0. Of less than 6% of the carbon steel, with the increase of carbon content, spark flow quantity increase gradually, pollen also gradually increased, increased brightness. For experienced workers, to identify the accuracy of the carbon content can reach 0. 05%; The poor to differential ability of alloy elements. So people usually will spark and spectral identification combined with the application, to identify the steel grade.
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