Electric two-way valve structure and technical principles

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
Electric two-way valve is for central air conditioning fan coil products, consists of two parts, driver and body, drive, driven by a synchronous motor with spring return and manual throttle lever manipulation functions. The body part adopts piston structure. Electric valve can be used with the thermostat, motor is controlled by a thermostat electric valve, the valve open or close, cold water or hot water pipe make or break, again through the fan coil air supply, in order to realize the temperature automatic adjustment. TE - by temperature sensors 1, TC a pid temperature controller and electric regulator TV a 1 of supply air temperature control system, installed on the air supply pipe TE a 1, and the temperature of the detected signals into TC 1, by TC 1 will TE one 1 values compared with the set value constantly, constantly output signal at the same time, the adjustable control TV a 1 opening connection, eventually keep TE a 1 measurement of temperature in setting temperature range. Electric PVC tee ball valve electric stainless steel tee flange ball valve electric stent free PVC ball valve air differential pressure switch DPS a 1 is used to detect the filter air situation, filter is dirty, the lower the permeability rate, the greater the pressure difference on both sides of the. When the pressure difference exceeds the setpoint of DPS a 1, micro switch, send out alarm signal. When after the coil temperature is below a certain threshold, low temperature protection switch TS 1 cut off the power of the blower, so that fresh air valve closed, prevent water ice coil, coil up to crack. Valve installed with line through after pressure can only be installed driver. If the driver has been loaded on the body, so you must not to drive in the process of installation and debugging work, otherwise it will damage the driver. After installation and check the correct, electricity debugging. At least should observe three complete and effective operation of the drive, make sure all components are right. After qualification adjustment of the water, and then to water test. System fluctuation of pressure difference must be strictly controlled in 0. Within 15 mpa, in order to assure the effectiveness of the electric control valves for water flow switch. Manufacturer of electric valve http://www. dazkfy。 com
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