Electric two-way valve working principle and classification

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-05
Electric two-way valve working principle is to drive by reversible synchronous motor drive, and magnetic clutch. Using the motor by the motor rotor and magnetic effect produced by the clutch, can generate stable torque in the case of a pause. Therefore when the motor is equipped with an electric current passes through can steadily pause at any point, when the valve is fully open or close the magnetic clutch, stop adjustment. Drive incremental or proportional controller sends signal can make the chronological rotation or reverse rotation of the motor. The body part adopts piston structure. With spring return and manual throttle lever manipulation functions. The body part adopts piston structure. Electric valve can be used with the thermostat, motor is controlled by a thermostat electric valve, the valve open or close, cold water or hot water pipe make or break, again through the fan coil air supply, in order to realize the temperature automatic adjustment. Z how rotary actuator Z type rotary actuator BN02 electric actuator electric two-way valve it is divided into direct acting and pilot operated two kinds, the application scope and characteristics are as follows: 1. Drive from single hysteresis synchronous motor drive, the valve spring reset, valve does not work in a normally closed state, when the need to work, provided by a thermostat open signal to make the electric valve connected to the ac power and action. 2. Pipe is used to control the cold water or hot water air conditioning system of open or closed, to achieve the purpose of the control room temperature. 3. Open valve, chilled water or hot water into the fan coil units, to provide room air conditioning or heating, when the room temperature reaches the thermostat set point, the thermostat to the electric power valve, reset spring to close the valve, thus cutting into water fan coil units, through the valve closed and open, make the room temperature always stay in the temperature control setting temperature range. Electric valve drive and valve adopts threaded connection method, can be in after installation of valve, then install the drive. Field assembly and connection flexibly and conveniently. Drive the plane design can be installed close to the wall, to take up the space is little, products are reliable and durable, low operating noise, and can often appear in the concealment type fan coil units of high temperature and high humidity environment and reliable work. Electric two-way valve part 1, the air permeability of differential pressure switch is used to detect the filter, the filter is dirty, the lower the permeability rate, the greater the pressure difference on both sides of the. When the pressure difference exceeds the setpoint of differential pressure switch, micro switch, send out alarm signal. 2, when after the coil temperature is below a certain threshold, low temperature protection differential pressure switch to cut off the power of the blower, so that fresh air valve closed, prevent water ice coil, coil up to crack.
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