Electric valve after electrify don't work how to solve?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-04
A, electric valve does not work check the power supply after the power supply wiring whether bad - > new connectors and wiring connection check whether the power supply voltage in the range - plus or minus work And adjusted to normal position range whether coil desoldering - welding coil short-circuit again - replacement coil work pressure difference is not appropriate to adjust the differential, or change of proportion of electric valve fluid temperature is too high to replace commensurate electric valve have impurities to make electric valve of the main valve core and the moving core card dead - cleaning, should replace the seal and install any seal damage filter liquid viscosity is too large, the frequency is too high and the replacement of the life and have to products, electric valve can not close the main valve core or moving iron core of the seal is damaged, replace the seal fluid temperature, viscosity is too high to replace the counterpart of the electric valve has impurities electric valve to the valve core or moving iron core - > clean spring had come to life or deformation to replace orifice balance hole plugging, cleaning frequency is too high or life have to work on time to change or update the products within three, other leaks to check whether the seal is damaged, whether the spring assembly adverse external leakage to joint looseness or seal has been bad, screw or replace seal electricity from time to tome noise - > leader on solid loose, tighten. Voltage fluctuation is not allowed within the scope of adjust voltage. Core surface impurities or uneven absorption, clean or replace in a timely manner. Reference to read: how to correctly choose the electric valve device & gt; Electric two-way valve application scope and product features & gt; The basis of correct selection of valve electric device & gt; Electric valve leakage and the leakage problems & gt; Integration of electric valve or will become mainstream
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