Electric valve and solenoid valve USES contrast

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
Is the electric valve driven by motor to drive the stem, valve core movement, the electric valve and points ( Shut off valve) And the regulator. Shutoff valves are two type of work that is fully open and close, regulating valve is installed on the electric valve positioner, through closed-loop adjustment to make the valve dynamic stability in one place. Solenoid valve is electromagnetic coil after electrify producing magnetic attraction overcomes the spring pressure drives the valve core movement, is an electromagnetic coil, structure is simple, cheap, can only achieve switch; Electromagnetic valve: switch control for liquid and gas pipe line, the two DO control. Commonly used in control of small pipes. Electric valve: for liquid, gas and wind system pipeline medium flow analog control, is the control of AI. In large valve and wind system control can do two switch control with electric valve. Electromagnetic valve: can only be used as a switch, and is the DO control, can only be used for small pipe control, common in pipeline (and below. Electric valve: can have AI feedback signal, can be controlled by the DO or AO, is found in large pipe and wind valve, etc. Electric fine small actuator electric actuator electric PP ball valve 1 free stents, switch forms: electromagnetic valve through the coil driver, only on or off, switch action when time is short. Electric valve is generally used motor, open or close the action it takes time to complete analog, can do to adjust. 2, the nature of work: solenoid valve general circulation coefficient is very small, and the work pressure difference is very small. Such as general 25 diameter solenoid valve flow coefficient of the electric ball valve smaller than 15 caliber. Solenoid valve driven by electromagnetic coil, more easily damaged by voltage surge. Equivalent to the role of the switch is opened shut 2 role. Electric valve drive is commonly used motor, voltage impact resistance. Solenoid valve is closed fast and fast, generally used in small flow rate and pressure, require switching frequency bigger place of electric valve and vice. Electric valve can control the openings of the state is open, closed, half-open half closed, can control the medium inside the pipeline flow and solenoid valve can not reach the requirements. Electromagnetic valve general power outages can be reset, electric valve will need to add the function of reset device. 3, suitable process: solenoid valve is suitable for some special technical requirements, such as leakage, fluid medium, such as special prices more expensive. Electric valve is typically used to adjust, also has the switch quantity, such as: fan coil terminal.
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