Electric valve closing is not tight

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
Electric valve widely used in power stations, petrochemical, steel, metallurgy, food processing and water treatment industries, especially the need to implement automatic control of large enterprises. Create conditions for the valve remote control of electric valve, also make the production system of automatic and intelligent. If the stroke control failure, can maintain the operation of the valve, and over torque protection to avoid the valve damage. To ensure that the valve and the safety of the production system. In type torque control valve, in the existing system, travel system is no protection. However, electric valve, Such as electric wedge gate valve and globe valve, etc. ) Has a tendency to electric operation in the use of closed imprecise phenomenon, trouble to users and operators of valve, also seriously affected the service life of the valve. Wedge gate valve, globe valve and sealed butterfly valve in the closed, depend on the sealing face of the valve sealing surface to produce enough pressure to ensure that the seal, the sealing surface pressure is depend on the realization of the valve operating torque, this type of valve for the torque control valve. In the production practice, often appear this kind of electric valve electric operation is turned off, there is still a medium leakage phenomenon.
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