Electric valve control mode and the applicability of controller

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
The applicability of the setting rules for most of the adjustment rules will work lags behind the main process. However, this setting rules only a narrow scope of application. Lambda/IMC adjustment rules applicable to a wider range of process, the most widely coverage. Rules of the dead time adjustment, suitable for processing on the left, just as its name implies. Main loop control lag than dead time leading circuit is easy to control. Operator found delay than the dead time of the dominant process leading process more intuitive, more easily controlled in manual mode. Loop settling time when tuned circuits the shortest possible time, you will find that there is a minimum stability time. If you adjust any tension controller of electric valve, cycle will start oscillation. Minimum stable time mainly depends on in a dead zone in the control circuits of the amount of time, and will double and four times the length of the time of death. Than the time constant of dead band time decided to minimum stable time fall two times and four times in the process of dead time.
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