Electric valve daily use points

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
- - - - - - - - - - - - , the cut-off valve electric daily use points? Electric cooling after cut-off valve is closed, the shrink valve parts, operators should be in the appropriate time to close it again, let the sealing surface crack, leaving no otherwise, medium thin seam high-speed flow, it is easy to erosion seal face. Operations, such as found too difficult operation, causes should be analyzed. If the packing is too tight, can relax appropriately, such as stem skew, personnel shall be notified to repair. Some cut-off valve in the closed position, closed heat expansion, open the difficulties; Such as open at this time, but will cover screw loosen to half a circle a circle, eliminate stem stress, then the hand wheel. Normally open valve, sealing surface may stick with dirt, closed and want to use the method to be washed clean, and then formally locked. Such as the handwheel, handle the damage or loss, shall be immediately to match neat, do not replace with adjustable wrench, in order to avoid damage to the valve stem, opening and closing is ineffective, so that accidents in production. For American standard cut-off valve, not only will install and maintain, but also will be operating. Opening and closing valve, strength should be smooth, not impact. Certain impact of the high pressure cut-off valve for opening and closing parts have considered the general stop valve can't equate with the impact. After the valve fully open, should be the handwheel reverse a little, between the screw thread, so as to avoid looseness damage. Internal dirt is more, at the beginning of the line, but will stop valve and, using high speed flow of medium, it washed away, then gently close ( Cannot be quickly closed, slammed shut to prevent residual impurities task of sealing surface) , once again open, repeat many times, clean dirt, back into work. JH electric cut-off valve belongs to compulsory sealed valve, the valve is closed, the pressure on the disc, to force a sealing surface does not leak. When the medium from the disc below to the valve, the operating force to overcome resistance, is stem and packing friction with the thrust produced by medium pressure, close the valve force stronger than open the valve, so it's bigger, the diameter of the stem or stem top bending failure happens. Electric valve |
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