Electric valve failure treatment method

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
Malfunction of electric valve how to solve? Attention points during maintenance, there are a few: 1, the electric valve installed in the pipeline position, good location for the vertical loading, but can't flip. 2, in the use of electric valve flow needs to adjust, has controlled pneumatic actuators. 3, on and off a lot of manual butterfly valve, in 2 months time, open the worm gear case cover, check whether the butter is normal, should keep the right amount of butter. 4, check the connection parts require compaction, namely guarantee packing sealing, and can guarantee the valve stem flexible rotation. 5, the metal seal electric valves are not suitable for installation in the end of the pipe, such as must be installed on the end of the line, take equipped with export hair, stop the backlog of sealing ring, too. 6, install using reaction regularly check valve stem, troubleshooting and repair. http://www。 dazkfy。 com
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