Electric valve leakage and the leakage problems

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
How to deal with corrugated pipe in application of electric valve leakage or leakage, leakage and good processing, about the leakage of flange, the flange bolt in the tight again, if still cannot, will be open to see the flange gasket whether have damage, about packing leakage, the important gland, if the packing is too loose, will add the packing, if the leakage is directly on the body, low pressure can weld, if be high pressure directly to abandon it, security, internal leakage of doubt, owe better conclude that, perhaps is not about death, and closing the hard, second, the seat seal is damaged, this is from the grinding, about the valve core, to see whether the erosion damage is still be medium touch attack damage, but both have repair welding sealing surface. Internal leakage is usually the valve seat or valve core sealing surface damage, this can grind the valve seat or valve core sealing surface, but there is a kind of special situation if be electric or pneumatic has perhaps electric valve stroke didn't set well. Want to see where leakage leakage, if the valve body can only change the valve leakage. Leakage should be seal face present questions, put the look at the effect of the seal face with the globe valve application present of leakage or leakage treatment method of leakage, electric valve, the leakage position is different, have to differentiate between filler leakage, it may replace the packing, we can do this many time parking is selection of online leak sealing. There are many walk funnelled electric valves, leakage from gland leakage under most conditions, the gland opened the cover may replace the packing gland to tighten up shall not leak. Leak is inside the top of the valve core sealing surface is broken, but practical experience tells us that there may be some hard to some moments of leakage have card on valve core, the formation of leakage, detail treatment method is to turn electric valve closed again, back and forth a few back to wash away the hard objects. If the valve itself question, be about to choose the appropriate moment to replace the valve.
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