Electric valve operation method

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
Electric valve operating instructions 1. 1 the valve before operation, should read the instructions carefully. 1. 2 before the operation must clear the flow of gas, should pay attention to check the valve open and close. 1. Inspect the electric valve appearance, see the electric valve whether be affected with damp be affected with damp, if be affected with damp be affected with damp be dry processing; If it is found that there are other problems should be handled in a timely manner and shall not take fault operation. 1. 4 to stop using more than 3 months of electric device, should check before starting clutch, confirm the handle after the manual position, check the insulation of the motor, steering and electrical wiring. Note 2 2 electric valve operation. 1 starts, confirm the clutch handle in the corresponding position. 2. 2 if it is in the control room control of electric valve, switch the REMOTE location, and then through the SCADA system control the switch of electric valve. 2. 3 if the manual control, the switch position in LOCAL, on-site operation switch of electric valve, electric valve in place or close in place when it will stop working automatically, finally beat operating switch to the middle position. 2. Using field operating valve, shall monitor the valve opening and closing instructions and running status of the valve stem, valve opening and closing degree to meet the requirements. 2. 5 using site operation fully close the valve, the valve closed in place before, should stop electric valve, switch to micro valve in position. 2. 6 for stroke and super torque controller after setting of the valve, the first full open or close the valve, the monitoring should be paid attention to the control of the stroke, such as valve switch to the position without stop, should be manual emergency stop immediately. 2. 7 in the process of opening and closing valves, error is found in the signal lamp instructions, valves have abnormal sound, should stop check in time. 2. 8 the power of the electric valves should be closed after a successful operation. 2. 9 multiple valve operating at the same time, should pay attention to the sequence of operation, and meet the requirements of production process. 2. 10 open a by-pass valve of large diameter valves, if on both ends of the pressure difference is bigger, should first open the bypass valve regulating, to open the main valve, the main valve opens, should immediately close the bypass valve. 2. 11 transceiver pigging ball, ) When it passed ball valve must be fully open. 2. 12 ball valve, gate valve, globe valve, butterfly valve operation can only be fully open or close, it is strictly prohibited to adjust. 2. 13 operations in the process of gate valve, globe valve and plate valve, when closed or open to the top dead center or bottom dead center, should be 1/2 ~ 1 rotary ring.
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