Electric valve product development prospect

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
In recent years, with the development of electromechanical integration, an important mechanical products of electric valve ushered in the unprecedented market. Electric valves than traditional valve ( Manual valves, pneumatic valves) Section on the job more source, safe and reliable. In the call for environmental and safety is higher and higher today, electric valve is indispensable. The huge market demand is becoming more and more high to the requirement of electric valve. Electric stainless steel flanged ball valves to click into the product details & gt; > Electric PVC tee ball valve click enter product details & gt; > Electric valves wide application field, involves the petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, nuclear power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, light industry, food, municipal, etc. In terms of the product itself, the electric valve for easy assembly, low failure rate, and can meet the demand of industry automation, the advantages of the industry is more cost-effective option. Because of the use of general traditional pneumatic valves, not avoid such as piping, solenoid valve and the compressor to be successful. In motor drive and electric valve, simple and convenient installation, and electric valve installation can cooperate factory original control circuitry, other costs can be saved. In addition, the open and close more smooth in motor drive way, without too much momentum moment failure rate can be greatly reduced. Petrochemical industry mainly USES the API standard gate valve, globe valve and check valve, power sector mainly adopts power station with high temperature and pressure gate valve, globe valve, check valve and relief valve, and part of the water supply and drainage valve butterfly valve, gate valve of low pressure chemical industry mainly adopts stainless steel gate valve, globe valve, check valve. Metallurgical industry mainly adopts low voltage large diameter butterfly valve, oxygen cut-off valve and ball valve, city construction department mainly adopts low-pressure valve, such as urban tap water pipeline mainly adopts large-diameter gate, building construction mainly adopts center line butterfly valve, city heating mainly adopts the metal sealing butterfly valve and other pipeline mainly adopts flat gate valve and ball valve pharmaceutical industry mainly adopts stainless steel ball valve food industry mainly adopts stainless steel ball valve, etc. New varieties of electric valve is the valve industry, so the electric valve market prospect is very broad, foundry enterprises should know more about the industry, provide casting parts for the industry, the emerging industry of electric valve to driving the development of foundry industry, in order to obtain the new development momentum.
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