Electric valves in nuclear power with the development of the valve type and parameters

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
(1) there is no packing of gate valve, a hydraulic drive gate valve. The water valve with its own pressure forces the pistons to open or closed, the valve nominal diameter: DN350, 400 mm; Job stress: PN17. 5MPa; Working temperature: 315 ℃. B full enclosed electric gate valve. The valve should be used in special screen closed motor, work by immersion of the inner planets retarding mechanism made gate opening and closing movement. The valve nominal diameter: DN100 ~ 800 mm; Job stress: PN2. 5 ~ 45. 0MPa; Working temperature: 200 ~ 500 ℃. Note: the above two without stuffing box gate advantages: no packing seal, avoids funnelled outside, at the same time, reduce energy consumption. Disadvantages: complex structure and high cost. Use 2 nuclear power cut-off valve: used for auxiliary cut-off valve in the line. This valve is usually three kinds of structure, namely the packing type cut-off valve, corrugated pipe cut-off valve, and metal film type globe valve. The valve is medium to medium parameters ( The temperature and medium pressure) The water and steam; Nominal diameter: DN10 ~ 150 mm. (3) : nuclear power with butterfly valve used to transport air cooling system and the containment vessel of butterfly valves in the system. This valve is usually three kinds of structure, namely the coaxial direct type line with rubber butterfly valve, eccentric type metal sealing butterfly valve and double acting ( Butterfly plate before turning off seal face turning again) The metal sealing butterfly valve. The valve nominal diameter: DN 2500 mm or less; Job stress: PN< 4. 0MPa; Working temperature: 100 ~ 150 ℃. In addition, the fast closing butterfly valve, for use in the duct system its nominal diameter: DN400 ~ 1200 mm also listed as the direction of development. (4) the pilot operated relief valve of nuclear power with the probe: used in nuclear island pilot operated relief valve with detector in the system. Pilot operated relief valve with the belt detector, can according to the sensitive relationship pressure and spring force equilibrium, to change the position control release and the principle of two contact medium, from the structure to avoid the jam problem. The valve adopts the positive role type belt and spring preload bellows sealed valve structure, can guarantee the reliable seal. The valve nominal diameter: DN600mm; Job stress: PN1. 265MPa。 5] nuclear power with isolation valve check valve type: type check valve isolation valve for steam system, the structure shape similar to lift check valve. The valve nominal diameter: DN64 ~ 800 mm ( 21/2in ~ 30) ; Job stress: PN1. 0 ~ 42. 0MPa( Class600 ~ 2500) ; Working temperature: - 29~1050℃。 [6] nuclear power with the main steam isolation valve: nuclear island and conventional island with the main steam isolation valve, the main feed electric valves, the nominal diameter: DN800mm; Nominal pressure: 40. 0MPa; Temperature of 700 ℃; In addition, meeting the needs of the earthquake relief valve is also in urgent need of the development of nuclear power electric valve
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