Electric valves in the inland waters flow analysis

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
Electric control valve consists of electric actuators or pneumatic actuators and regulator of two parts. Adjustment is usually divided into direct single seat type and direct two-seater type two kinds, the latter has a large flow capacity, unbalanced and the characteristics of stable operation. Electric valve regulating valve the flow characteristic of linear features, linear characteristic of relative stroke and the relative flow into a linear relationship. Unit trip caused by the changes in the flow rate change is constant. Large flow, the flow relative changes little, traffic hours, flow relative change is big. Electric regulator technology is advanced, which can realize unattended, can choose the denotation of multi-functional controller function, support to control the water pump, flow, pressure, and implement the operation of fault alarm. Make the water system in balance every moment of the day, so whatever construction or equipment installation stage stage use will not affect the balance of the water system.
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