Electric valves work environment

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
Electric valves in addition to the pipeline parameters should be paid attention to, still should pay special attention to the work environment, because in the electric valve electric actuator is a mechanical and electrical equipment, its work is affected by its working environment is very large. Normally, work environment of electric valve has the following kinds: 1, indoor installation or have protective measures outdoor use; 2, outdoor installation, such as wind, sand, rain, sunshine erosion; 3, flammable, explosive gas or dust environment; 4, damp and hot, dry tropics environment; More than 5, pipes, medium temperature up to 480 ℃; 6, the environment temperature is lower than - Below 20 ℃; 7, vulnerable to water or flooding; 8, radioactive substances ( Nuclear and radioactive material test device) The environment; 9, ship, or dock ( Have salt fog, mold, moisture) The environment; 10 and have severe vibration occasions; 11, easy to fire situation; For the environment of electric valve, the electric device structure, material and protective measures are different. Therefore, should be based on the above work environment to choose the corresponding valve electric device.
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